Dragon Slots

Dragon slots

Soaring in the heights of popularity, dragon-themed slots are here with a statement. The games feature dragons and exciting characters making the theme more interesting and play worthy. It is no surprise with more number of punters playing the games with this theme and is excited with the offerings and bonuses. Dragon-themed products are available for free and real money gamblers.

List of Best Dragon Slots:

Insight to Dragon-themed Slots

Dragon slots products come with most of the storyline based in and around China, which is considered as the main mythological land of Dragons. Thus, it is no surprise to see an orientally themed game peeping up with dragons more often than not. Dragons have always been fictitious characters, which make the slot storytelling, even more, compelling to follow. Here are some of the common properties of slots with similar themes.

Slot Layouts and Symbols

Slot layout in Dragon-themed products usually comes up with 5-reel backed slots with as much as 20 paylines in regular ones. However, there are products offering games with multidirectional or variable paylines for the taking. Players can expect the variable structure of games, which is directly relatable to the storyline.

Symbols from most of the dragon-themed products feature dragons, oriental characters, Chinese lanterns, and other mythological-tale characters are among the regular symbols. This is what makes the plot very interesting among the real money players. In most of the cases, the Wilds are represented with a dragon and they hold the highest value.

Bonuses and Free Spins

Some of the best dragon slots in the market offer products with a large number of multipliers and scatter-based payouts. For instance, Fucanglong slot is a top name in the industry, which comes with variable payline as well. The game is known for the Red Dragon Wilds resulting in great payouts for the taking.

Talking about free spins on dragon slots, there are the famous Lucky Dragons slots, which are a great example of how the products give out scatter-based free spins to take.

Concluding Dragon-Themed Slots

Dragon-themed slot games have a great set of the fan base. In the end, punters can take their time out and try the list of dragon slot games, which are sure to blow the punter’s mind like:

  • Triple Fortune Dragon by IGT featuring 5 reel and variable 243 paylines
  • Dungeons and Dragons Series features storyline-based game and has powerful Wild and scatter-based payouts.

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