Which bonus is best for you?

Which bonus is best for you

Bonuses are a motivating factor for every new entrant at an online casino. In fact, it is the USP for drawing players to every casino. That is why they compete with each other in giving bigger casino bonuses every time you visit them. Now we will see some nice tips to help you get the highest bonus and use them effectively.

Types of Bonuses

  • No Deposit Bonus: Every online casino requires the player to deposit a particular amount when starting the gameplay for bidding purposes. With no deposit bonus, you get the cash in your wallet without the need to pay.
  • Welcome Bonus: This is a gesture of welcoming a new player in the casino by providing a certain amount in the wallet while registering with the online casino.
  • Cashback Bonus: The option of availing additional cash into the wallet than the intended amount, say, by 25% is generally referred to as cashback bonus. This kind of bonus is usually very competitive among the casinos offering the highest.
  • Loyalty Bonus: Bonus rewarded based on the long-term association and loyalty of a player with the online casino. It often rewards a certain amount for playing at least one game every day continuously for a certain period.
  • Mixed Bonus: It is a combination of no deposit bonus and welcome bonus making a great opening for any new player entering into the casino.

Then comes a specific bonus found in selective casinos like referral bonuses, priority customer offers, partner bonuses. You must know the best bonus for you before making your choice. Most online casinos have a restriction of only one bonus per user apart from the welcome bonus. Hence, it is more important in choosing the right bonus to get the most benefit of it.

Wagering Requirements

Be it cashback bonus or welcome bonus, the amount is credited within the gameplay. The set of instructions dictating the use of coins in your wallet (games those take bonus coins and the percentage of bonus coins accepted per transaction) and minimum requirements to cash out the bonus coins (minimum number of gameplay or time spent on the casino), which seasoned players identify as wagering requirements. There are many other rules regarding transfer and gifting, which are very much variable across different casinos that every player must know before availing the bonus. Having a good knowledge of these two factors along with the players’ expertise level and the game selection is enough to identify the best bonus for you. Or you can simply visit a casino deals site and access countless deals listed in them and compare them directly with ease.

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