Panda Slots

Panda slots

Panda-themed slots bring one of the most adorable sets of slot games a punter could ever imagine. Pandas are considered some of the cutest animals and are often lauded for their funny sense or being and their closeness with human beings. While in the slot games, these animals have a great reputation of being among the highest paid games to the punters.

List of Best Panda Slots:

Complete Analysis of Panda-Themed Slots

Some of the best Panda slots deal with animal-based storylines. However, there is a specific list of slots with different stories, where Pandas are shown in the dominant light. Punters can choose among a large library of games having a great treat in store. With this said, here are some of the major talking points of Panda-themed slot products.

  • Slot Layout

Panda-based games deal with a regular slot layout with 5 reel structures. The games follow a beautiful background resembling forests and wildlife, something that is relatable more to Pandas.

  • Symbols

Panda slots bring out symbols, typically associated with its physical features like black and white, caves, fruits among the common ones. Some games such as Lucky Panda features characters like monkeys, tigers among the regular paying ones. Some games use Pandas as the main bonus symbols like Cutesy Pie, which also introduces regular poker symbols in the mix.

  • Free Spins

Slot products bring out a good number of free spins on Panda slots, something that a person receives in almost all the slot products give a handful number of free spin rounds. With this said, the players can try out products like Panda Magic slots, a game from RTG, which is popular for its free spin rounds in the offering.

  • Bonus Offers

Bonuses are once again, something very common in slot games and is the main reasons why punters choose slots. With games such as Amanda Panda slots, the players can take a chance and reassure their winning fortunes. The product has 2 important bonus rounds, activated with Wilds and scatters and gives out multiplier-based payouts in the taking.

Final Thoughts and Games to Try

Punters have a liberty to choose among the list of Panda slots from different online casinos today, which comes with a quality number of bonuses in the taking. First-timers can always try out games such as Panda Cash, a game known for its top free spin offers. Other options such as Untamed Giant Panda offer a lot of challenges to the punters.

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