Online Slots Terminology: Slot Terms explained

Online Slots Terminology Slot Terms Explained

Online Slots Terminology – What do the Slot Terms mean?

The most popular form of online gambling in the world is playing slots. Thousands of gamblers play their favorite slots every day at Online Casinos, where online slots are now the most popular game.

Over the centuries, slots have evolved into their present form, thanks to Charles D Frey, who invented them in the 1800s. Although the early version of the game did not payout, casinos in Las Vegas were still paying millions of dollars for winnings by the 1950s. Today, hundreds of different software studios offer hundreds of different slots. The industry leaders are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming, and a few, which offer unique features and competitive RTPs (Return to Player) since the aim is to attract players.

Slots Online: How They Work

The principles of online slots are the same, so regular players will have no problem understanding them. Slot games generally have a reel grid with several symbols on it. Online casinos are known for their slots games, as that is why people play them to score big wins. Any slot game aims to score as many winning combinations as possible. Online slots have the advantage that as the game progresses, bonuses become available. Bonus symbols and drawcard progressive jackpots with pick-em symbols are among the many bonuses available.

The player should read the reviews and guidelines before choosing a slot. The table outlines the minimum bet, maximum win, slot RTP, symbol value, and how many symbols are required to form a winning combination. On the other hand, online slots are simple: you place bets as you immerse yourself in another world when you spin our reels in hopes of winning big.

Terminology for online slots.

Players need to familiarize themselves with the game terminology before playing online. If you have a limited budget, pick a slot that offers frequent wins for a low cost, while high roller slots offer bigger wins for larger bets less frequently. Below is a list of terms you might hear when playing online slots:

RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP, or Return To Player, is one of the most important features in the world of online gambling, especially for those new to it. Over many spins, it describes how much the player is entitled to receive. Players have a greater chance of winning with slots that have an RTP of over 94%


The number of paylines refers to the pattern or sequence in which winning combinations of symbols fall. Paylines are also called Betways.

Each slot has a different number of paylines, and they usually pay both directions rather than only left to right.

The scatter symbols

The Scatter symbol is unique in the slots, and three or more of them generally trigger a Free Spins Bonus Game. You should always identify the Scatter symbol in a slot game.

Wild Symbol

There is almost always a Wild symbol in online slots. As a substitute symbol, it assists in forming winning combinations by replacing all the other symbols.

Games with Bonuses

Fans of online slots look for a slot that offers a Bonus Game as they review the features. In a slot game, the Bonus Game is an additional game triggered when a specific number of Scatter symbols appears, resulting in a specific number of Free Spins.

Progressive Jackpot

Slot machines with progressive jackpots have a progressive jackpot that changes frequently. Each wager placed on the progressive slots builds a progressive prize pool that keeps growing. Consequently, the RTP of their base game is lower than the RTP of their progressive version. All games contribute to a standard jackpot if the slot is part of a linked progressive network.

Hit Frequency

A player can expect winning combinations on an online slot machine based on the Hit Frequency. Smaller amounts pay out more often in slots with lower hit frequencies.


With Multi-Way Slots, you don’t need to worry about the direction of winning symbols. You have a more significant potential for winning with Multi-Way Slots.

Online Slot Paytable

In addition to being called the payout table, it is also known as the payout chart. The payout chart shows how much players win when they land certain symbol combinations.


Variance, also called volatility, is how a slot machine game is high, low, or medium.

In low volatility slots, payouts are frequent, but the prizes are smaller. Contrary to this, slots with a high variance payout big but not often, so players are often left with nothing.

Slots of Different Types

Please check T&C to make sure is allowed.
BrandBonus Type Code Play
300 Bonus + 100 Extra spins
6000 Bonus + 200 Extra spins
300 Bonus + 100 Extra spins
1000 Welcome Bonus
Hell_HellSpin_15ndb15 Free spinsNDBPlay

The following are some of the different slots you can play:

3 Reel Slots:

Three-reel slot machines are the easiest of all the slot machines. Slot machines are also called one-armed bandits, a term originating with mechanical slots.

To spin the machine, players would pull a lever. Players new to online betting can try their luck at classic slots. Three-reels aren’t just easy to play; they’re also very enjoyable.

With the classic online slot games, players can easily understand some of the basic rules and symbols that can help them win good cash prizes. There are also generous progressive jackpots available in the game. A player wins the jackpot when they land on three of the same symbols. Las Vegas as we know it today would not exist without the classic slots.

These slots are the favorite of many players since they are fast. The variance is relatively high, which means that players can possibly win large amounts or lose everything very quickly. The disadvantage of three-reel slot games was fewer possible combinations due to lower reels.

5 Reel Slots

Five reel slots are also known as fruit machines or video slots. Due to video slots’ digital nature, they are not required to use levers and reels. Unlike traditional mechanical slots. Video slots are activated by pressing a button.

You would find a slot machine in a brick-and-mortar casino with a video screen displaying the reels instead of the old mechanical reels, which were the forerunners to online slots. Thus, five-reel slots represent an advance over classic machines. Online casinos tend to offer them most often.

A single coin can be inserted into a video slot, or more coins can be inserted for a prize line. In most cases, they are video screens, although some come with five reels.

The graphics, sounds, and videos of video slots are beautiful, attracting both new and seasoned players alike. 5-reel slots created by software developers have enhanced players’ experiences.

You have more chances of winning with five-reel slots since they have more paylines than three-reel slots. In addition, your bets may last longer with five-reel slots. The jackpots are also higher with five-reel slots.

Multiple Paylines

Some slots have multiple paylines, while others have a single payline at the centre. There are between one and nine paylines on three-reel slots. Nevertheless, each machine can take a maximum bet of three coins. Generally, machines with multiple paylines come with a maximum.

Some of the five-reel online slots allow players to wager on 200 lines in addition to the 20, 25, and 25 combinations allowed in the four-reel slots. A player’s bet will increase as more paylines are selected, and their chances of winning will increase. Furthermore, this makes it easier for them to lose their bankrolls quicker since it does many bets with every spin, it appears that they are earning more.

Progressive slots

Slot machines of this type are also popular. There are many appealing aspects of progressive jackpot slots, also known as progressive slots. However, they have a drawback. A player must play with a maximum wager to be eligible for the progressive jackpot, also called the accumulated jackpot.

Thus, players should keep in mind that they will have to put in a bigger investment when they play this type of slot machine compared to a regular machine. So, what is a progressive slot machine?

The maximum wager in such an online slot game contributes to a progressive jackpot whenever the player makes the maximum wager. All the players who have wagered on that game at a particular time contribute to the jackpot.

Players can often see how much money has been accumulated on the progressive slots in terms of progressive jackpots on most betting platforms. Everything else is the same. Different themes are available for progressive slots, and they may have three or five reels.

A network of slot machines contributes to a progressive jackpot in online casinos. Thus, different online casinos can network their slot machines. Although progressive jackpots can reach millions of dollars, the odds of winning one are low, similar to those of playing the lottery.

3D slots

A slot game wouldn’t be complete without a 3D version. All of these online casino games have three-dimensional elements within them. There are many different ways to design them. Popular culture, cinema, and video games often influence three-dimensional slots.

You’ll likely find 3D video slots with multiple paylines and mini-games if you look carefully, as most slots combine a variety of these slots.

Virtual reality slots

Many industries embrace virtual reality (VR), and online betting is one of them. The most popular virtual reality experiences and games are Razer OSVR, Oculus Rift, Samsung R, Sony Play Station, etc. All of these devices operate with special helmets.

These isolated and soundproof cases include a sound system and multiple LED displays. The designers hope that the virtual reality experience will allow players to surpass themselves in their real lives by enhancing their senses and stimulating their minds.

This makes online casino games more realistic than land-based ones, so online bettors enjoy a more realistic betting experience. Virtual reality is a relatively new concept for the online betting industry. However, it appears to be a safe bet for the near future. According to analysts, virtual reality technology is predicted to help online betting reach a profit of $520 million by 2023.

Slot machines with mini-games or I-slots

i-Slots offers some of the most exciting slot games to play. Slot machines with free spins and bonuses are also known as free spins slots. This type of game includes reel slots and bonus stages that offer players a mini-game. In the mini-games, winnings can be multiplied.

Activating their bonus rounds, players can even bet on miniature golf in i-Slots. With them, you will find a component beyond chance, like slots, but instead of skill to give yourself a better chance of making a profit.

Most slot games have these features

Some features are standard among all slot games, even though each comes with its own unique features. Examples are:

  • Games with free spins
  • Symbols that slide
  • Wild multipliers
  • Bonus rounds that reward you

Final Thoughts

With the myriad of games developers, there are countless opportunities for playing online slots. It is vital for new players to be aware of this and do their research before playing online slots, reading reviews, researching the game, and ensuring the slot is in line with their budget.

Remember the various types of slot games out there the next time you consider playing one online. Make sure you pick the one that most appeals to you and try it. You should enjoy playing slots as new titles are released and trying out new games. Have fun!

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