Mobile Slots Guide

Mobile Slots Guide

Interestingly, around 50% of all casino players online play casino games and slots on their mobile phones.

Here, you’ll find strategies on how to play on mobile phones, which online slots are available, and how to enjoy your playing time.

A report from the GGY ( Global Gambling Yield ) revealed that the gross gambling yield from online casino sites for the March 2019 end of the year was estimated at 4.68 billion pounds. In total, this is a 1.5% increase in the market share over the last year.

The increase in mobile gaming is the main reason. In 2020, tablet and mobile gambling usage increased by 10% year-over-year. The number of players accessing casinos through mobile phones has increased to over 70%.

The virtual slot industry has expanded dramatically in the past decade. Last year, online casinos generated a little over 64.5% of their profits from slot games.

The mobile slot market is very profitable for digital casinos when these factors are taken into account.

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What’s the Difference Between Online Slots and Mobile Slots?

Any gambler can select the best method to access virtual slots, no matter their experience level. The better options are generally online or via mobile devices. Many factors need to be considered before making the right decision.

We first need to explain mobile casinos, which responsive websites or casino apps can generally access.

Mobile Casino Apps

Firstly, there is a casino app you can add to your mobile phone to play the games.

Casino operators typically develop apps as dedicated tools for their customers. Mobile casino apps generally have responsive menus and designs optimized for play on mobile devices.

Mobile casino apps have seen explosive growth since 2007, when the market was initially established.

Mobile casinos are expected to account for a large portion of the market by 2022, reaching 250 Billion Dollars in gross revenue.

Responsive Websites

Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox are mobile browsers that allow players to access virtual online slots. The interface of these browsers is not very different to their desktop counterparts. Players must type in the casino address and wait for the online casino to load before playing.

The mobile browser experience can be hindered by issues with responsive design and slow loading pages, making it challenging to enjoy gaming on mobile devices.


The average time for a mobile web page to load is 22 seconds, according to Machmetrics. Page load times of three seconds or longer cause customers to abandon a page.

Furthermore, this is why mobile slots are much more popular than other online games. The loading time of desktop browsers is also affected by responsive design and responsiveness.

Due to the use of web servers for storing data, load times are longer online. This may have an adverse effect on retrieving data quickly, as well as increasing security risks.

Instant Play Browser casinos versus Casino Apps

The stored information and actions can usually be performed more efficiently with mobile apps because the data is typically stored locally on each device.

In addition to saving users’ unique preferences, mobile casino apps can also allow players to use these preferences later.

Slots on mobile devices have significantly benefited from technological advancements, but today’s digital world also offers other benefits when playing on tablets and smartphones.

Playing on the go and playing online are entirely different experiences. Furthermore, they show how technology has led to a change in player behaviour over the years.

With new and better technology, playing slots and gambling at casinos have become more accessible.

Furthermore, advances in technology have also changed the way we access slots on mobile devices.

Nowadays, mobile games deliver visual and auditory experiences that rival consoles and desktops.

Mobile phones today have powerful graphics

The history of mobile gaming graphics is short but meaningful. The first 3D game was released in 2003. GPUs (graphics processing units) have become increasingly advanced as the technology behind them developed.

Within two years, there was a flood of graphics and animation devices in 3D.

In this way, Mali-400 beats its competitors. The component is present in 20% of all mobile devices on the market today.

Graphics in mobile gaming were greatly improved by powerful GPUs, the first in a series of innovations. A new generation of 3D and VR slots is now available with the release of the Mali-G71.

3D graphics are becoming more authentic due to innovations in CPUs, GPUs and screens. As a result, mobile slot graphics are becoming more realistic.

Moreover, Casino games are now available on tablets and smartphones to give you a realistic and immersive experience.

Large-screen mobile devices

In recent years, smartphones’ screens have become larger and more advanced, allowing for more precise and accurate game displays.

Among high-end gaming tablets and smartphones are AMOLED screens. Manufacturers can make thinner and lighter devices without having to compromise the brightness of the display.

Additionally, Super AMOLED technology improves slot players’ image clarity, pixel quality, and subpixel quality. Furthermore, 120Hz displays can now be found in handsets.

High-performance displays enhance in-game animations and motion by enabling rapid scrolling.

Combining these elements produces a winning combination. The handheld gaming experience is more engaging than online gaming on standard channels.

VR slots

Mobile slots are elevated to an entirely new level when played in virtual reality (VR). In 2018, NetEnt released the first real-money VR slot game to the mass market.

Gonzo’s Quest inspired this pilot. Undoubtedly, the company is paving the way for others to follow. Mobile gamers can access these games via headsets like the Samsung Gear. Now you can enjoy real casino experiences in your own lounge or study.

Phones with longer battery life

Modern smartphones and tablets are equipped with advanced graphics, making mobile gaming increasingly popular.

In terms of screen size and resolution, mobile phones do not compare well with desktop alternatives. Gamblers of the current generation, however, receive much more value from the overall package.

In recent years, mobile batteries have improved in technology, making usage more accessible than ever.

A typical modern handset contains a battery with a capacity between 2,800mAh and 4,000mAh. It is explicitly marketed to gamers and is designed to be a dedicated gaming device.

Since laptop batteries generally range from 4,400 mAh to 5,800 mAh, various devices, such as this one, have made laptop batteries more competitive.

When current design trends continue, premium smartphones will eventually surpass laptops with a lower battery capacity.

In addition to ensuring that laptops have the greatest battery life, it’s essential to realize that mobile devices can also be used to play games on the go.

There is no limit to when and where gamers can play, whether they want to enjoy themselves in traffic or while waiting in line.

As a result, convenience and functionality are perfectly balanced. Using the casino app, players can play their favourite games while taking advantage of some of the best casino promotions around!

Security enhancements

Slot gaming is fun, but depositing and withdrawing money is a serious business, so you have to enter your financial details.

Therefore, there is a pressing need for security, and mobile apps can offer a significant advantage over websites and standard browsers in this regard.

Smartphones offer a higher level of security and ease of mind thanks to advanced cryptographic hardware built into them.

In addition, because we use our smartphones constantly, we know more about them than laptops.

Therefore, you are less likely to worry about unauthorized access to your smartphone because most smartphones come with a single primary user and basic password authentication.

If the casino app provides two-factor authentication, hackers may have a difficult time breaching the security.

Mobile apps should never be accessed through public networks. Your information could be compromised. Using their mobile Internet provider, smartphone users will be able to access slot games without being reliant on unsecured or risky networks, thanks to 4G.

In addition, 5G is also making progress. In the UK, its roll-out is expected to be complete in 2021. This method makes mobile apps and mobile data even safer, and public WiFi networks are less tempting.

Choosing the Best Mobile Casinos

As online and mobile slots become increasingly popular, it’s not surprising that many casinos are offering them.

Additionally, the competitive nature of the mobile gaming niche has led to an increase in bonus offers aimed at avid slot players and smartphones.

Therefore, choosing the best mobile casino can be challenging.

Is it possible to win more on mobile slots?

The return-to-player (RTP) of every slot machine game varies. Additionally, the house edge of the casino operator is revealed, providing a clear picture of each machine’s profile.

Operators must publish this information for each game, so compare slots carefully.

Knowing the return to player rate makes playing mobile slots easier. Is this channel more likely to offer a chance to win than online or land-based games?

The RTP of Mobile Slots

The RTP for mobile games and online games is essentially the same despite their few differences.

For example, on mobile platforms and online, you can play low, mid, and high-variance slots, the former offering a relatively modest value base game but frequently winning. In the average case, players will recoup between 96% and 97% of their initial investment for every $             1 they spend on these games.

If you’re a novice or casual gamer who doesn’t want to risk too much, these high-ROI slots are for you.

In contrast, high variance games (such as progressive jackpots) provide fewer winning base game spins while saving the big wins for a few lucky players.

These games have an average payout rate between 92% and 94%, so even though players can win large cash prizes, the RTP rate is relatively high.

Games in the mid-variance range have an approximate RTP of 95%, offering a balanced gambling experience.

Please check T&C to make sure is allowed.
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Slots in a land-based casino have a lower RTP

This is because land-based machines have a higher cost base.

Operating prices and overheads are fixed, so owners have to reduce their RTP rate to maintain profit margins.

Whether the games are played online or in brick-and-mortar establishments, random number generators determine the outcomes.

Low-variance mobile slots have a much lower return on investment. The chances of winning (and winning regularly) are greater when playing through a smartphone or tablet.

The advantages of mobile slots

Throughout this article, we will examine the numerous advantages of playing mobile slots.

Despite the vast range of mobile slots, we haven’t written in-depth about them. Many developers now create games that can be played on mobile and tablet devices.

When you download a mobile casino app, you’ll have a more comprehensive selection of games than when you visit a desktop or laptop casino. Classic three-reel slots, video slots, Progressive jackpot slots, and flexible games are all available.

Moreover, operators are also using the Internet to offer both players and brands generous and customized casino bonuses.

Almost all mobile casino apps and casinos offer 24/7 customer service, another advantage of mobile slots.

You can solve disputes and queries more efficiently using live chat features and traditional contact methods such as email or telephone. Many also have their service staff available to answer questions via Facebook.

Mobile Casino Deposits

Mobile billing is one of the convenient payment options offered by many casinos. You can now tap the screen to transfer money.

You can even link a mobile casino account to a payment option like an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. With advanced security measures, you’re able to manage your casino cash with ease.

Together, these benefits provide an exciting and enjoyable slot gaming experience that has become more powerful in the past decade.

A modern mobile device offers a variety of advantages to the virtual slots player, including security, convenience, and gameplay quality.

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