Galaxy Slots

Galaxy Slots

Gambling slot machine games today are filled with different themes. Galaxy slots are one of the famous themes, which have unlocked the success rates of some of the best casino developers today. With the likes of NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and IGT having some of the masterpieces in this genre, this is a money making a machine for these sites. With the theme having some of the best payouts, the punters have taken a great liking and invest more often than not.

List of Best Galaxy Slots:

Aspects to Look Forward in Galaxy Themed Games

Galaxy slots have always been among the reputable types of themes, with main characters featuring asteroids and galaxy-based products. There is a large list of galaxy slots, which in common have some features, classifying the theme to a single piece.

Gems are usually the more common in this genre of slot theme, which comes with different characters, having distinct in-game properties. Wild symbols in galaxy-themed games come with a property of being affixed in the payline. Therefore, expect more and expandable Wilds in Galaxy themed slots, over other typical genres. Aside from this, Wilds usually works to be a trump symbol and replaces all low payout symbols except the Scatters or Bonus symbols.

Scatter symbol of a generic galaxy-themed game has multipurpose utility over the slot reels. Therefore, free spins on galaxy slots is a feature, which is triggered by Scatters only. This comes with the symbol appearing for a specific number of times in the reels. Scatters symbols in galaxy-themed games have the bonus payouts. However, in some other cases, there is a separate bonus symbol, which starts a separate bonus round and pays out multiplier based rewards.

Since gems and asteroids have more to feature in the main reels, the generic payout of regular symbols in the main game is extremely attractive. With a virtue of bonus rounds and separate gem-based payouts, these games have worthwhile payouts for the punters.

Try These Games

Punters can feel great about different industry’s leading developers today as they host large lists of galaxy slots games in the market. Some of the best games with a similar theme include the likes of Starburst slot from NetEnt. This is a game, which is rendered as a flagship product of NetEnt gaming.

Microgaming’s best galaxy slots collection comprises with the likes of Stardust slot game. It is popular with some of the best free spin collections in the taking.

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