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scatter symbols slots

Online casino slot games are always exciting because there is much unpredictability. We may lose, but more interestingly, we may win. When we play free slots casino games, we win free spins through scatters. To get a bonus and other fantastic offers, we must land a symbol. It is not like regular characters you see in a normal run of play. It will have a special shape and we call it scatters.

Begin to win

We will need to spin slots a specific number of times before scatter begin to appear. Normally, all your characters need to line up in a specific fashion so we can claim a reward. However, if one of it is a scatter, we will win even when this does not occur in line with other characters. All scatter slots tips prove useful because a newcomer will not know about it. When we first make our play in free slot games, we will not recognize this. But, as we keep on playing, we begin to understand it.

List of Best Slots with Scatter Symbols:

About Scatter Symbol

What is a scatter symbol?

It is a special symbol, which occurs during a game. It is not like other signs and symbols like a coin or a hero that we wait for. It is different like a star or a moon.

What is the work of the symbol?

This helps us get more money because we win if it appears. If many such symbols appear, we win more money.

How does it affect our game?

A specific combination of scatter symbols will trigger a round of free spins. It has to remain positioned in a particular way to get bonus free spins.

How should the combination be?

We do not have a particular combination for this to appear though specific games may have rules defined how it may appear. For instance, it may need to be on a top row for a specific payout.

What are the payouts of this symbol?

In most cases, it has the biggest payout among special symbols. For instance, if a payout is 10 coins for a normal win, if we land one in line with others, we will win 30 coins. If it is more than one, say two of it, we can avail of 50 coins.

How to use?

When we play on free slot machines, we may get no deposit bonus but this is not present for all the casinos. It is simple to use for all the players.

We need not apply any code to pick up our winning amount. It will become automatically credited to your account as you keep on playing.

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