Craps Etiquette and How to Play Craps

Craps Etiquette And How To Play Craps

Craps Etiquette and How to Play Craps

Casino craps involve both money and dice, as well as a great deal of action and strategy.

The Basics of Craps

A player needs to know where the craps table personnel are located to understand how to play casino craps. Casino craps tables are usually staffed by dealers, boxpersons, and stickpersons.

Craps is supervised by the boxperson who oversees the entire table. Any disputes between the players and the dealers must be handled by the supervisor, who is also responsible for the chips.

A 2nd base dealer is located to the right of the boxperson. All craps players on this side are at second base. Taking a look at the field is a great way to remember this. 2nd base is the furthest away from the boxperson on the field.

The third base dealer is the one to the left of the boxperson. Players on that side of the game are on third base. Three bases away from the boxperson are number twelve (1+2=3rd base).

Stickpersons are dealers who move dice with long-hooked sticks. Boxperson and stickperson are located opposite each other in the centre of the table.

Those that are “straight out” are in the middle of the table.

The colour of a player’s clothing and his position is used by supervisors to determine the player’s rating.

What you need to know about playing craps

The game of craps has many interesting aspects that make it exciting to play. A craps round involves rolling two dice, one with a point and one with the same number before rolling a seven. At a craps table, the shooter rolls the dice.

There is a number associated with each “puck”, which indicates the game’s “point”. Shooters try to make this number before seven rolls.

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Once the point has been scored, the puck is turned “off” and the shooter is allowed to shoot again. Now it’s a “come out roll.” A “come out roll” means the game is just beginning and there are no established points.

Next, if the number rolls four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, then the game ends. Another attempt is made to score a point before seven. Seven points are called a “seven out.” We then pass the dice to the next shooter if seven rolls before the point.

In the same way as the previous shooter, the new shooter makes a point before a seven.

Craps Bets and Strategy

Craps Bets And Strategy

A craps bet involves a pass line wager, a place bet, a hard way bet, and a craps & eleven bet. Playing craps requires familiarizing yourself with several betting terms.

  • Pass Line Bet: Players bet that 7 or 11 rolls will win, and 2, 3, or 12 will lose on the first roll. To win, a number must repeat before a seven such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10.
  • In the Don’t Pass Bet, the player bets that he will win after two or three rolls on the first roll, that 12 is a push, and that 7 or 11 will lose. A seven must roll before a number such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 can be repeated.
  • A Come bet follows the same rules as a pass-line bet.
  • A Don’t Come bet follows the same rules as a Don’t Pass bet.
  • In the field bet, any number that comes out wins. “ONE ROLL BET” is another name for a field bet.
  • In the place bets category, wagers made on any of the point numbers (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10) that are not contract bets are called place bets. If the player does not indicate otherwise, the Place Bet is “off”.
  • A proposition bet is when two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve are to be rolled.

The layout of craps may look complicated to you at first, and the crowd of cheering bettors may intimidate you.

A craps player may find themselves on the bad side of their craps dealer, the other players at their table, or even casino management if they do not know the etiquette rules of the game. Good manners, casino rules, and tradition have all contributed to the development of these pieces of etiquette at land-based and online casinos over the years.

Craps Table Etiquette

Craps table etiquette doesn’t require you to spend hours studying some document just to stay on good terms with the other players. The three tips below will help you prepare for your next craps game at a casino if you follow them.

Tip #1: Understand what your hands can (and cannot) do

It is the way players use their hands that is the most important aspect of serious craps etiquette. You can’t reach for chips and game props willy-nilly in most casino games – your hands have to be kept on the table. Dealers and other players do not like it when people behave differently than normal.

It makes perfect sense for these rules to exist – for example placing money on the layout while a player is shooting dice could disturb them. The whole table will likely be grumpy if you break one of these rules and the shooter sevens out.

Craps tables are not allowed to have hands on them because of security reasons. In addition, it’s a matter of etiquette. A dentist’s tools wouldn’t be touched and adjusted and fussed with before a root canal, would they? The casino’s tools should not be touched either.

You’ve probably heard people tell you not to flail or swing your arms in front of the stickman when shooting because they know he’ll hate you for it. A grumpy employee in a casino isn’t what anyone wants, is it? There is no need to worry about distracting the stickman here – he is not concerned that you are going to cause him trouble. It’s just considered rude to behave like that.

Tip #2: Understand facial expressions and body language

Almost anyone who plays casino games with other players can benefit from this. It’s important to learn how to read people at the craps table if you want to make friends.

Social interaction is an integral part of craps. There is nothing wrong with talking to those around you – and even expected. Unfortunately, not all craps players are as social as the game demands. A person who doesn’t want to be bothered can be identified by signs and signals. Be careful not to force banter on someone who avoids it.

You should also avoid interrupting a bettor while he or she is trying to lay a bet. It’s not only rude, but it’s an awful first impression if you try talking to someone with a ticking clock while they are trying to place bets.

Lowered eyes, closed lips, grim faces, crossed arms and legs, and low volume of voice are all signs that a player does not want to engage in social interaction.

A player who welcomes conversation makes eye contact, talks to others have an open body posture and speaks loudly.

Tip #3: Ask for help when you need it

A craps question is never stupid, as the adage says.

A smooth game is ensured by dealers and other employees. The rules should be clearly understood by everyone at the table. Rather than lecturing you, they would prefer that you ask your questions before you play. Make eye contact with the employee and ask clearly – don’t just barge in and ask out of the blue. They’ll be happy to help you improve your craps game. Since you make more when you play, their employer makes more money, as well as they (potentially), earn more tips.

Craps is best played during off-peak hours if you are a new player. Keep in mind that you learned how to read facial expressions and body language – you can tell when an employee is zoned in or checked out based on their facial expressions and body language. A friendly stranger will likely be happy to explain etiquette and rules to you if you offer them a drink or tip.

Make eye contact, smile, and have confidence in your intelligence.


It’s intimidating to play craps. It’s also a simple game that anyone can learn. Playing live craps at a casino will give you more confidence with each roll of the dice. The basics of casino etiquette go beyond tipping dealers and not getting drunk. The key is to match your behaviour with the game’s tradition. If you want to prepare yourself for the exciting game of craps, learn some proper etiquette before playing

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