No deposit bonus or welcome bonus?

No deposit bonus or welcome bonus

Bonuses are always an intriguing and welcoming factor of the gameplay. Online casinos are no exception offering gamblers with overwhelming coins that they can use in multiple gameplay. There are a variety of bonuses common in the world of online gambling of which two are most often bid against each other owing to their similarities of both being targeted at newbies registering with the casino.

No Deposit Bonus

Casinos offer a minimal amount in the player’s wallet without needing to pay a penny or provide credit card information. This is targeted to welcome novice players into online casinos who are hesitant about paying due to insecurities and sub-par gaming skills. All the user needs to do is register with the casino and the bonus is already made available in the wallet. No deposit bonuses are usually lesser around 5 or 10 bucks and come with a lot of wagering requirements to keep safe from the bonus abusers. The usual restrictions are demanding a deposit before the first withdrawal and limiting the game options.

Welcome Bonus

By the name, these are benefits offered to customers to welcome them into the casino. These bonuses are often given in proportions of payment the user is paying during his first deposit in the casino. The percentage of bonus entering the wallet typically ranges between 50% to a few hundred percentages, 100% being the nominal and standard welcome bonus across most casinos. Offering a more than 100% is unusual even with an upper limiting value and should be subjected to research about the casino before entering in. Most casinos offer welcome bonus readily when the first transaction is done while a few other demands a coupon code. The huge benefit of welcome bonus comes with wagering requirements like a certain number of gameplays before cashing out and limitations in the use of bonus cash in gameplay.

Which One Should You Choose?

Both are worthy benefits to look upon with slightly different use cases. In our opinion, a welcome bonus is for those who are willing to shell big money right at the start who possess good game skills and trust over the company. No deposit bonus is ideal for the people who are barely new to gambling or not willing to spend huge at the start. Strong wagering requirement also contributes to the comparison so know them before you decide. The mixed bonus is a hybrid of the two offering benefits but a rarely found bonus type in an offer by online casinos, which is a no brainer for every punter out there.

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