Coronavirus is ‘wake-up call’ for online casinos

Coronavirus Is 'wake Up Call' For Online Casinos


Information about the coronavirus is heard from all angles, and this is not surprising – everyone monitors the situation in the country and in their city, and hopes not to see their friends and acquaintances in the news. Over the past two to three weeks of March, quarantine has been imposed almost throughout the world. This has changed the world itself beyond recognition. People are forced to stay at home, some because of fear of being infected, and some simply have nowhere to go – everything is closed except for food stores. Because everyone needs to eat. But despite the general chaos, let’s turn more detailed attention to such a situation in our present life as quarantine. Quarantine is a set of restrictions due to any dangerous threat to humanity. The government is doing everything to ensure the safety of every citizen. In Ukraine, even the borders between cities were blocked, what can we say about the borders between countries. In Italy and Spain, people do not leave home at all. And it is right. If you are reasonable and (oh, most importantly) calm, then we can overcome the epidemic and return to normal life pretty quickly. Moreover, spring heat is coming, which should kill the virus. At least it has always been so. Unfortunately, Earth has a coronavirus not the first time…

Quarantine is not a reason to give up!

But we went off the topic. Why do you need to pay close attention to quarantine? Because it is not necessarily a boring and sad time. This is not a reason to be upset that all your favorite places are closed, but this is an occasion to try the online sphere! Naturally, we had excellent contact with it before that, but now we can say that we have no choice. But online – this is an education, work, and entertainment! The last point is generally very important, because quarantine is still a small vacation, although the circumstances are not very good. And it’s great that game operators have long taken care of their online sites. If you are new or just thought to start playing, here it is! Because it is convenient – there is no risk, you are sitting at home at the computer and playing or betting. If you are an experienced or avid amateur – all the more, this is a good way not to fall out of sports and earn money, really lying on the couch! What progress has come to, you say, and you will be right. Yes, many governments are already clutching their heads because of the “boom” of players in online casinos and slot machines. After all, only few countries have laws that prohibit exactly the online services. But this does not bother us; there is nothing wrong with gambling if you have a head on your shoulders and a sober mind.

Useful tips for action

But let’s not talk about bans, there are so many of them lately. Let’s take a closer look at how you can spend quarantine hours for your own benefit. We can say absolutely seriously that this is the time for the gambling business – a real “wake-up call”. Of course, before that no one complained, but many people still loved the old-fashioned way to gather in their favorite game venue with friends, and play a little over a glass of beer. We are social creatures, and casino platforms are the great place for communication and fun. Yes, it’s now quarantined, but we know what online is. You may have to communicate with friends only in the messenger, but you definitely won’t be left without such native slot machines and casinos. Every experienced player and even an amateur has several sites in their browser bookmarks. If you don’t have them yet, you need quickly to search. Fortunately, the choice is huge:

Please check T&C to make sure is allowed.
BrandBonus Type Code Play
Buffalo_JackpotCity_1600wb100% BonusWBPlay
1000 Welcome Bonus
Katsu_Katsu_250FSexclusive250 Extra spinsWBPlay
1000 Bonus + 125 Extra spins
800 Welcome Bonus
Deck_BlackDiamond_25fs25 Free spins + 110 Extra spinsMIXPlay
200 Welcome Bonus
TAU_Rise_25fs25 Extra spinsWBRISEPlay
100 Bonus + 100 Extra spins
500 Bonus + 50 Extra spins

But! Beware of scammers and suspicious sites that promise “golden mountains”. Surprisingly and unfortunately, there are people who still “fall for the bait”. For beginners: first select one site and test it, start with small amounts, do not disdain demos, find like-minded forums and ask where is better to start. Maybe this is banal advice, but choose well-known and proven by many people game operators, so you definitely will not lose. As for everyone: do not sit at the computer for a long time, take care of your eyes and your money, means, do not be so quick-tempered… And spend time with your family. The ability to play does not exclude the ability to properly prioritize.

Well, we hope that you have calmed down a bit about quarantine, and even rejoiced. After all, now it’s nice to realize that you are not locked up, but you RELAX at home. In our frantic pace of life, is it not important to even stop sometimes? Exactly! And remember: luck is everywhere 😉

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