Coronavirus and sport-betting

Coronavirus and sport-betting

If in the field of gambling, it is going better and better and everyone went to play online, then the bettors are not such happy, we would even say, not at all. For those who are not up to date, let’s remember who these bettors are. In simple words, these are the guys who win money by betting on something (most often on sports). Here you do not need to have a higher education, most importantly, you need the knowledge of the topic on which you are betting, an analytical mind and a drop of luck. Therefore, there is a huge number of bettors, including online ones.

Quarantine situation

So why is everything so bad? Let’s remember that we have a quarantine now. Its main rule is to reduce the number of people per square meter to a minimum, or even put them in 4 walls. This is a logical and necessary practice, but in parallel with understanding and accepting this situation, there is an awareness of a decrease in the budget in the future. People are sent on forced leave, factories and plants are standing, schools and kindergartens are closed. If you are still working, then you are already considered lucky (on the part of earnings, of course). The betting business is also starting to “sink” due to disappointing forecasts about major sporting events. And how many them this year! And Euro 2020, and the Olympic Games, the Champions League and Europe… If you are already in this sport, I can imagine how your heart sank. But do not rush to panic! In general, panic is always a bad thing, it will not lead to anything good. Although all major bookmakers forecast the probable cancellation of all events (Eurovision, for example, has already been canceled), they are already starting to think about how to solve the problems. After all, now players are beginning to face the consequences of the coronavirus. Yes, the fact that everything can be done online is understandable. But what to bet on? And if it’s still possible to recoup, then a sad future is not far off. The betting market has already lost up to 35% of profit and yes, it will only get worse.

Rescue plan

Fortunately, the main bookmakers are not used to cashing in on customers, but rather do everything for their comfort. Therefore, they are already beginning to search and work out new ways for betting. They plan to start with less significant events. When they are gone, many of the “giants” decided to switch to… cybersport. Why not? What is the difference, on what to bet when there is a risk and excitement? And in cybersport they always present no less than in the stands of the stadium. And the main plus – everything is online, everything is “sterile”. So, while there are still some offline events, they can be viewed in the online broadcast, and then we will move on to plan B – to bet on cybersportsmen. It seems to us that this is a great idea and most likely after quarantine such an update will remain in the ranks of options for bets. Moreover, they predict a rather high jump for cybersport thanks to the coronavirus. Interesting news: we think many have heard about e-football or e-basketball (if not, then these are games). So, they will also be included in the cyber discipline. Means, there will be a so-called imitation of the same football and the ability, as usual, to bet on your favorite team. Do you understand? Cancellation or postponement of Euro 2020 is not so scary now! Yes, this is not a real event, but it is better than nothing. Also, many bookmakers have promised to leave everything as it was, means, no increase in margin or reduction of coefficients. Indeed, many large companies did not behave very well during the panic, raising product prices or canceling promotions and discounts. The bookmakers are not going to do this, so the client can be calm – there will always be something to bet on.

We understand that the news is not encouraging. But the fact that there are options for “salvation”, moreover, are very effective, and they are already in development, very motivating and reassuring. And we hope that you will not be an ardent skeptic and try the new services. Life goes forward and it tends to change. And for this, it does not even need some kind of virus. Chin up and go! Don’t forget to use bonuses:

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