Cards Slots

Cards slots

The association of cards with casinos is inseparable and slots are no exception to it. Card slots are all about having a predominant set of numbers familiar to your fingers going for a spin to win you surprises. The presence of card symbols gives an authoritative feel on the game for punters, which is why Card Slots are one of the most opted online slots game.

List of Best Cards Slots:

What Does Card Slot Look Like?

Card slots are a right kind of slots opted by seasoned gamblers who do not want to switch their frenzy with card numbers and symbols. Having card symbols in the slot make it easily readable and interesting during the gameplay compared to random symbols floating in the slot layout. Moreover, the casinos are filled with cards on everything making a card-themed slot a compulsory option for every casino to go with the feel.

  • Slot Layout: The slot layout is the usual 5-reeled layout with 3 rows common across all video casinos. There is not any limitation with play lines either, regulars get 20 play line. There are card themed slots offering variable and multi-directional play line. Some list of card slots even allows for specific play line with special sequences offering high multipliers.
  • Symbols: For a card-themed slot, it is very common to have symbols of ten, jack, queen, king, and an ace. In some cases, nine and joker also add to the reel depending on the layout and special symbols used. Their uniqueness of gambling with card symbols, though not physically, on screen is the inviting factor for every punter out there.
  • Bonuses: Multipliers based on play line and sequences are the biggest attraction of the card slots. Ace wilds are often the most rewarding multiplier irrespective of the software provider of a slot game. There are also scatter-based payouts on offer among some famous card slot games in the online casino world.
  • Free Spins: Free spins on card slots are available in abundance like in the most famous Vegas after party slot and other similar slot games. Free spins are the most exciting factor that suffices the never-ending urge for the gambler.

Now, how best to conclude than letting you know some of the best card slot casino to check out. Vegas after party slot is a famous slot offering numerous free spin and has a very high RTP value. Mega Moolah by Microgaming is also a great video jackpot offering generous 25 play lines and enormous jackpots.

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