Can Online Casinos Rig the Slot Machines?

Can Online Casinos Rig Slot Machines

If you chat to players in the chat rooms at online casinos or in the lounges of Las Vegas Casinos, the majority of slot players will tell you that they have not won anything.

It is difficult to understand how this could be possible unless the slot machines are rigged. If that is the case, then how is it legal? Do casinos keep slot machines rigged so you can’t win? In that case, what about all the stories about players winning huge jackpots?

The situation may seem unclear, but it’s not. For the most part, players lose, but a few are lucky. To earn a profit over the long term, casino machines are programmed to return less than what is put into them. Depending on the slot machine, there could be an advantage of 2% to 10% or more on the best machines.

One would therefore assume that casino slots must be rigged to make sure the casino makes a profit. This is partly true, but that doesn’t mean you can’t win.

Casinos would not be permitted to run games you couldn’t win, and it wouldn’t be good for business either. Once players realized the games were not winnable, they would stop playing.

In this section, we will examine slots in more detail. This will help you realize that you can also win despite the house winning most of the time.

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How slot machines are rigged

To understand how slot machines are rigged, you need to know how they work. The way they award jackpots differs from slot to slot, but all of them follow similar rules. Let’s take a look at these slot machines.

Understanding the RTP of slot machines

Return to Player is also known as the RTP. Slot machine reviews usually include the RTP published by the developer for each game. Starburst RTP, for example, can be found on

You’ll understand how slots are rigged to benefit the Casino and game developer if you understand RTP. In the short-term, you can win when playing slots, but not in the long run.

Below are some of the Slots with the Highest RTP

Notice how the majority of the slot games below are from Netent, so we would deduce from this that it would be a good bet to consider playing Netent Slots over any other gaming provider.


Name of Slot Slot Provider RTP Percentage Which Casino to play
Mega Joker Netent 99.00% Mr Bet Casino
Jackpot 6000 Netent 98.90% Nitro Casino
1429 Unchartered Seas Thunderkick 98.60% Casitsu Casino
Blood Suckers Netent 98.00% Slotman
Kings of Chicago Netent 97.80% Cobra Casino
Devil’s Delight Netent 97.60% Slots Magic
Retro Reels Extreme Heat Microgaming 97.50% Royal Vegas
Simsalabim Netent 97.50% Vulkan Vegas
Jack Hammer 2 Netent 97.10% Emojino Casino

Slots such as Mega Joker and Jackpot 6000, with payouts of 99% and 98.86%, occupied the first place of games with the highest RTP.

Second place goes to Blood Suckers, a slot machine with a 98% return to Player.

Sim Salabim (97.5%) is third with 97.8%, followed by Devil’s Delight (97.6%) and Kings of Chicago (97.8%).

What is meant by the cycle of online slots

A slot machines cycle is the amount of spins which is also called a period. This encompasses all of its modes of operation. In the beginning, it takes cash to to build up the prize pool, then it gives a little, until it eventually gives out a klarge payout. Cycle length relates to the volatility (cycle dispersion) of the slot machine. There’s typically more dispersion and a longer cycle with higher declared maximum winnings.

Slot Machines with Long Cycles

Some slots with long cycles include Mega Joker, Dead or Alive, Wonky Wabbits, Creature Black Lagoon, Jack and the Beanstalk and others.

How Random Number Generators work

It’s clear that some players win massive jackpots on slot machines, even though the house has an advantage.

Slot machine players often wonder when to play, how to find loose slots and many other things. While they think figuring out the answers will increase their chances of winning, they are actually wasting time trying.

A random number generator (abbreviated to RNG) is what determines when slot machines will payout. Although unlikely, it is possible to hit the jackpot on two consecutive spins on a slot machine. There are billions of random numbers generated every second by the Random Number Generator. When it deals out a number corresponding to a jackpot, a winning payline will appear, and you’ll win.

There is no way to manipulate RNGs. Moreover, there is no way you can cheat online slot machines. Some players claim that RNGs cannot be random since humans create them. However, they can’t be artificially manipulated.

Maybe quantum computers will be able to spot a pattern in randomness someday by crunching numbers. Until then, we can assume they are random.

Using programming, slots developers can control RTP, but not RNG. The Random Number Generators are verified as fair by organizations such as eCogra.

Even though Microgaming and NetEnt, two of the biggest slot developers, play by the same rules, not every developer does.

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Slots

Knowing how slot machines work and are rigged without being unfair, it’s time to turn the tables on the casinos. Here are some tips which will help you get the most out of your bankroll when playing online slots.

Slot machines with high RTPs are the best

Selecting slot machines with high return to player percentages would be one of the best tips. The long-term payoffs for these games make them a better choice, even if the jackpots are smaller.

Usually, the jackpots are smaller; however, casinos can offer a higher payout percentage to players with a minor jackpot because they have less risk to deal with.

 Choose the Right Volatility for Your Bankroll

You can determine which slots are best for your bankroll by understanding slot machine volatility. Slot machine volatility is an indication of both the number of payouts and the size of payouts.

Low volatility slots payout smaller amounts more often.

It’s possible to win decent amounts relatively often when the volatility of the slot is medium.

High volatility slots payout more frequently than low volatility slots, but their wins are more explosive.

For example, a 20.00 bankroll might allow me to play a low volatility slot, such as Starburst. This is an excellent slot for building your bankroll. The higher the volatility and the greater the payout possibilities, the better the chances of winning.

It is a good idea to manage your bankroll effectively to succeed at online slot machines. You should, therefore, know how volatile each game is.

Take advantage of casinos offering low wagering for Free Spins

Usually, online casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus to new players. In addition, many of them also offer free spins to their VIP players who play on a weekly or daily basis.

As well as those free spins bonuses, it would be best if you also explore other offers. You’ll have the opportunity to beat the house using its own money. Below are some of the reasons that free spin bonuses are a good option:

Deposits will not be excessively high.

There is a low wagering requirement, around 20x.

The winnings you earn from wagering the bonus are yours to keep.

Check out the Casino’s Terms and Conditions

Before playing, be sure to read the terms and conditions to ensure that you comply with all of the Casino’s requirements to avoid disappointment when cashing out your winnings.

Try not to play new games.

Although the latest slot machine offers a claimed RTP of 97.5%, much more money has been taken away than it gives out, forming a prize pool for winning. We suggest waiting a couple of months.

Choose your favourite slots and try them out in the demo.

It is a good idea to test a slot in demo mode first and then start playing for real money once you understand and feel comfortable with the slot. Moreover, investigate them more in the demo mode and less in the real money mode.

The Most Important Tip of all

Do not gamble with your last coin or borrow money to gamble!!”

This is extremely important to remember because many gamblers chase their losses and land up borrowing money from friends and family to win back the money they have already lost. It is not good to put yourself into debt for gambling as the odds are stacked against you.

Instead, call it a day and log off from the online casino. If you feel lucky, you can always log on the next day and give the slot machines another try.

For real money gambling, choose only trusted online casinos.

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