Women and Online Gambling

Women And Online Gambling

The online gambling industry has grown tremendously within the last 10 years, and online casinos have surpassed bookies and land-based casinos when it comes to the number of games, bonuses, and popularity. The sudden boom can also be attributed to the widespread use of tablets and smartphones, as well as the developer’s other offerings that on-the-go players get to access from any location and 24/7. More interesting is the fact that studies confirm between 30% to 40% of today’s online casino players are women, with Sweden having one of the largest percentages of female customers, and then the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain

Women’s Gaming Preferences

In the past decade, women generally only played Poker and Bingo, but recent studies have shown that their gambling habits now include table games and slots as well. Women also place bets differently from their male counterparts. For most parts, women tend to be a lot more conservative and hence place smaller bets.

A woman’s average deposit is €38.79, whereas men deposit on average €54.14 but in saying that, it is more common for women to deposit often and therefore land up paying more money than men. Another interesting fact about female gamblers as they tend to be loyal, and on average, they play at the same casino for longer than men do once they have signed up.

It is also suggested from the data presented that over 59% of women gamble on mobile devices, which is 7% higher than men which also proves how online gambling has altered women’s perception of online gambling.

Why Do More Women Gamble?

There are increasing women gamblers nowadays than there were 10 years ago, and the recent spike can be attributed to the ease of access to online casinos via their mobile devices and tablets from any location. In addition, other factors to take into consideration include the increasing popularity of online sites and the various marketing strategies.

Experts say women like playing from home and online gambling allows women to gain confidence when trying new slots and table games without people looking over their shoulders and judging.

Online Casino and How they Target Female Players

It’s obvious when browsing through the many online casino sites that they have changed their marketing strategies and target market. The sites generally have neutral designs, and brand tonality, ensuring women do not feel excluded or insulted. There are a few brands that have also taken the leap of faith by only targeting a female audience however the majority go for gender-neutral images.

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The above also supports the changing trends in the development of online slots and casino games, and live casinos are a perfect example hereof. Live Casino games now have an even distribution of male and female live dealers, and gaming studios are considering females when developing new games, ensuring they have games with women as the main character or some cute and fluffy slots with unique bonuses and above-average RTP’s.

Speaking to your Female iGaming Audience

This may seem an unimportant point, but creating gender-inclusive communication is imperative, and we are not referring to glitzy pink sights with soft and cuddly teddy bears. Gambling has always been predominantly male-based, and when here’s where the change comes into being. When addressing your female audience, emphasis must be placed on respect, tone, politeness, and a caring overture.

Further to this are gendered languages, particularly in German and Spanish where female and male players have different names, whereas, in European languages like English Finnish, Turkish and Hungarian a player is a player be it male or female. Italian, French, Latvian, Maltese, and Gaelic use a masculine-feminine system.

What Motivates Women to Gamble?

There are many reasons why people gamble with slots and casino games enjoyed by players globally, and it’s seen as a form of online entertainment and relaxation from the comfort of one’s home or on mobile devices. Many women see it as an opportunity to enjoy the social aspect with friends while having a night out at a land-based casino, going to bingo, or playing machines in arcades. The pandemic has also added to the increased number of women gambling online due to redundancy, and reduced hours with no sustainable income, and it’s also a way of escaping real life and filling a void, particularly for those aged 35 and over.

Traditionally gambling was always seen as more of a male issue where they popped into bookies or grabbed a scratch card at the corner store and always viewed it as a harmless spend. However, with the boom in the online industry access has become easier and more convenient increasing the risk of uncontrolled gambling, especially for women, with research showing that as many as a million women are currently at risk of gambling addiction, and many do not seek help or treatment.

As we know, gambling carries risks for many, and that is continuously at the back of many female gamblers’ minds. Problem gambling can bring your whole world crashing down so it’s vital to gamble responsibly and be able to spot the signs when it takes control of your life.

Know The Signs of Addiction to Gamble

Know The Signs Of Addiction To Gamble

Gambling addictions manifest differently in women to men, and the easy accessibility to websites leads them to play online as it seems socially acceptable, with the game appearing safe and having a variety of betting ranges. In saying this it’s important to also understand that not all gambling leads to addiction as many people can enjoy it and walk away however it is important to be aware of the early warning signs, which we will discuss in more detail:

  • Losing track of Time – When you gamble online or at a land-based casino and the hours are slipping away without you being aware thereof, then it’s a problem. Moreover, if you start counting down to your next online gaming experience.
  • Exceeding your Budget Limit-Before, you start playing online, set yourself a budget and stick to it, only spend what you can afford and don’t overspend in the hope of that big win.
  • Secrecy – Gambling can have a negative impact on one’s life, and when you start keeping it a secret, it leads to shame, causing an increase in stress and anxiety levels, and we know secrets lead to trouble.
  • Irritability – Like any addiction, irritability sets in when you try and quit. Restlessness is another sign because you need that fix, and this is a sure sign you may have a problem.
  • Chasing Losses – Avoid trying to win back the money you have lost by exceeding your budget limit, as this only leads to further anxiety. Gambling is exactly what its name states, and it comes with no guarantees.

Favourite Casino Games among Women

Online slots remain one of the most popular casino games, with thousands getting played daily across the globe. That said, women are more drawn to the themed slots and, funnily enough, progressives, and their goal is to remain profitable in the long run rather than pursuing the big wins. Another interesting fact is while men enjoy online tournaments and live casino games with higher stakes, women tend to steer towards the social causes and charity sessions promoted by many online casinos.

Sports Betting and Women

Sports Betting and its ads are still mainly targeted toward male punters as they constitute a large section of their customers. However, we do believe over time, this will change and include women.

Ads that are Gender-neutral are becoming more frequent, particularly over the past 12 months and a good example hereof is the CrownBets ad campaign that features Nicky Whelan, the actress, plus other women who are influential on Instagram. Moreover, we also now have a higher percentage of female sports commentators and female sports fans than before hence increasing the number of female sports bettors.

Women in the iGaming Industry

One of the biggest gambling hubs in Europe is Malta, with many online casinos setting up shop in this city. It is estimated that Malta iGaming employs over 6000 people, with many aiming for greater gender and diversity equality. According to the All-Diversity Project, the people working at Malta online casinos are made up 43% female employees and occupy 28.8% of executive positions. This number exceeds the US and UK national averages.

Final Thoughts

Women are certainly playing an increasingly significant role in the iGaming landscape be they players, leaders, or innovators, they are starting to make their mark. The success of the iGaming Industry depends on them staying ahead of current market trends, and one of the areas that have become part of its success is ensuring its brand’s voice is suitable and accepted by the female audience.

It’s no easy feat as women tend to prefer more of a personal touch that evokes emotions they can relate to hence developing the correct tone and content strategy for a female audience takes a huge amount of insight combined with market and product knowledge and cultural familiarity. It’s not about convincing women about the wonders of their brand but instead helping them develop positive feelings towards the brand.

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