Pharaoh Slots

Pharaoh Slots

Pharaoh themed online slot machine games have created a new cult for the gamblers. The series of games are appreciated by a large set of gamblers, who prefer to choose them to the regular variants. Pharaoh-based themes usually feature Egyptian mythology, alongside some of their ancient characters to the display. With major developers experimenting with the genre, more and more subscribers seem to enjoy the same. Thus, it is fitting to see Pharaoh slots performing better than past.

List of Best Pharaoh Slots:

Egyptian Retreat with Pharaoh Themed Games

Pharaoh themed slots have acquired a cult status among the fans of slots, all because of the characters in place. Some of the best pharaoh slots today have a large number of characters, which is based on Egyptian mythology. Thus, as a punter, expect games with themes featuring pyramids and Giza all over the slot layout. Other innovative Egyptian themed characters such as ancient birds like Phoenix, Heliography backed artifacts, explorers, deserts and camels are commonly found.

Thus, for a punter, there is a lot to seek from, aside from the mesmerizing theme, which is by far one of the most interesting and profitable for the punters. Rewards such as Gold coins in the form of bonus payouts are extremely common. Wild symbols in Pharaoh’s slots usually features Pyramids as the logo and works to replace all the low payout symbols except for the scatters.

Scatters,  on the other hand, work to be the free spins on Pharaoh slots and gives out offers based on free spins. In some games, the scatters give out multiplier-based payouts for the punters. In the end, bonus symbols are also a major part of the theme of games. This works for a gambling round, where a gambler requires choosing among a set of tasks.

Products to Seek

Pharaoh slots are undoubtedly one of the premier types of slot-themed products today. With a large number of developers shifting loyalties, it is a good time for the punters, who seek to play for real money. The list of Pharaoh slots contains a large list of products, which is commonly played by the punters around the globe. Some of the famous games such as Rise of Egypt slots are easily one of the most feature-filled games of the genre. It contains free spins offers, alongside great credit based payouts.

Other games such as Cleopatra’s Gold slots, is one more well-famed option today, which comes up with great scope for the punters.

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