How to Play Roulette

How To Play Roulette

When visiting Las Vegas, did you ever consider trying your luck at roulette? If you’re not familiar with how it works, it can seem intimidating, but there’s a reason why it’s a popular game on casino floors. There are few rules, and it’s fun to play! You will get the hang of placing a bet pretty quickly even if it’s your first time. What you need to know about playing roulette like a pro.

Roulette Basics

A roulette table is the first thing you’ll notice at any casino when you walk in. Among the wheel’s slots are the numbers 1 to 36 as well as either a single or two spaces for zeros. It is either red or black for the number slots, and green for the zero slots. The roulette wheel will be laid out on a table, and the bets will be placed here.

There will be no closing of the betting session until the dealer ends it. A marble-sized ball is thrown into the wheel after all bets have been placed, which spins in the opposite direction as the wheel. The ball eventually falls into a marked slot, determining which bets will trigger a payout.

A payout will be given if your wager matches the color or number of the slot. You can also take advantage of special bet promotions to increase your earnings.

How to Place a Bet in Roulette

Each player should be familiar with two basic betting options since these are what determine the payout in roulette. Inside bets fall into the first category while outside bets fall into the second category. When a player steps up to the table, they need to know the terms for these bets.

Roulette insides and outsides refer to the places where bets are placed on the roulette board. “Inside” bets are those that cover the numbers, while “outside” bets are those placed on other sections of the board.

An example of an inside bet is:


An individual number is the subject of a straight bet. To make this wager, you place your bet chip on the individual number.

  1. SPLIT

Two adjacent numbers are covered by this bet. Place the chip on an edge that shares a number.


There are three numbers on a line when a street bet is placed, which may also be called a line bet. Here, you place your chip just inside the row’s outside edge.


Four numbers are covered by a corner bet or square bet. To place the chip, select the corner that you want to bet on.


Two adjacent vertical lines are covered by this pattern, which is sometimes called a six-line. The chip must be placed on the shared outer corners of the first number on each line.

  1. TRIO

There are three numbers in the bet, including the zero and the two adjacent numbers. The chip should be placed in the center of three numbers squares.


Special Cases

The second inside bet is available only for certain variations. The “first four” bet covers 0 – 3 and is only available on European roulette. “Basket” bets, which cover 00 – 3 are only available on American roulette.

You can place the following outside bets at the roulette table:


It is possible to place a low wager on the first 18 numbers, or a high wager on the numbers 19 to 36. Any number in your chosen range will win you the game.


Red or black numbers are bet on in this bet. When your chosen color is featured in the winning number, you win.


Bet on any even or odd number, excluding zero, for this bet.


It involves betting either on either of the 3 sets of 12 numbers.


Three columns of 12 numbers are available for column bets. When one of these numbers hits, you win.

Roulette Tips and Strategies

Here’s what you need to know about placing bets at an online casino now that you know what’s available. How can you convert these bets into winning ones? You might want to consider some popular approaches even though everyone has their preferences and good luck charms. The following are a few roulette strategies to consider:

You can place a winning bet with the help of a good strategy, but no amount of strategy can change the outcome of a spin.

The most recent winning numbers are referred to as “hot numbers,” which are bets players tend to place on them. Certain groups of players prefer this method, which gets mixed results.

5.3% is the house edge when you play American roulette. Due to its lower house advantage of 2.7%, European roulette is more popular than American roulette.

How to Play Roulette

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It’s important to keep in mind that inside bets tend to be more volatile if you wish to spend more time at the table. Despite their lower payoff, outside bets are statistically more likely to win. Make a black or red bet, place an odd or even bet, or place a column bet.

Consult your dealer! You seldom know more about roulette than your dealer, no matter how much you might think you know. Be comfortable asking questions. Your dealer will help you catch on quickly. Make sure you tip!

Keep an eye on the minimum bets. Having a low minimum bet is important if you’re on a budget. High roller tables offer a bigger payout if you’re looking for one.

It is highly recommended that you follow your gut instinct when it comes to gambling. Statistical strategies can only do so much. Nothing is certain when it comes to the roulette wheel.

You’re ready to get started now that you know the basics. Take your newfound expertise and some chips to the roulette table.

Roulette FAQ’s

In roulette, what should you avoid doing?

Chasing losses

Whenever you play roulette, you must avoid making this mistake. In pursuit of a loss, one stakes again with the same amount or a higher amount after losing a game

What color comes up most often?

Green results are less common than black or red results. The probability of seeing a black or red result in American roulette is 18 times higher than that of seeing a green one. The odds of getting black or red in European roulette are 36 times higher than the odds of getting green.

Are casinos capable of rigging roulette?

A rigged game does not mean the casino is cheating, fixing spins, or robbing you. There is, however, a mathematical advantage that the casino has built-in. This is known as the house edge. The house edge varies depending on the variant of roulette you choose to play.

How do roulette tables work?

Bets will be placed around a roulette wheel that is laid out, and the players will stand around the table. The betting session will continue until the dealer decides to end it. Immediately after all bets have been made, the dealer turns the wheel in the opposite direction and places a ball the size of marble into it.

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