Gamification of Online Slots and Casinos Explained

Gamification Of Online Slots And Casinos Explained

Gamification of Online Slots and Casinos

Game-based products, start-ups, and companies are becoming increasingly popular due to their efforts in Gamification. Because the global games market is now valued at over $175 billion, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are incorporating entertainment into their business strategies. Despite the numerous examples available today, Gamification is still confusing for many.

Several people would be baffled by the idea of gamifying something already considered a game, as is happening with some slot games. Simple concepts may seem easy, but they’re not always easy to apply. The purpose of this article is to examine what Gamification is, how it is not already applied to many slots, and how it is increasing as a result.

What is Gamification?

A product or service may be gamified by incorporating gaming mechanics or elements that aren’t typically associated with gaming. Hence, the gameplay can include earning experience points, leveling up, defeating bosses, character customization, a storyline, superior graphics, animations, and even minigames.

Gamification can increase engagement and enjoyment of a product, irrespective of the subject matter, and progression gives a sense of mastery and accomplishment. Gamification is naturally easier on digital products than on physical items, but even learning can be made more engaging through Gamification.

The most popular and prominent example of gamifying a non-game service is Duolingo, a language learning app. Levels are completed, experience points are earned, you compete in the rankings table for promotions, and gaining a new language is fun. In addition to gaming, fitness has also successfully been gamified, with the Wii pioneering the trend; Ring Fit Adventure followed it up on the Nintendo Switch. Now apps such as Zombies, Run! are taking advantage of it.

What Does It Mean When Slots Aren’t Gamified?

In some venues, thousands of slot machines, also called one-armed bandits, can be found in bars, arcades, and casinos dating back to the late 19th century. Playing them is simple, and most of the time, they are bright, colorful, and allow you to get more money for a relatively low spin price. Slots can undoubtedly be considered games, however not in the modern sense, where games and the term ‘gamification’ refer specifically to video games and digital games.

It is easy to see how much the two forms of entertainment differ based on their base forms, such as a slot machine or an online video slot. A modern video game is hands-on, often requires skill to succeed, and features graphics that add to the experience. A standard slot game typically has flat images, requires the user to press a button and wait, and relies on a random number generator to determine the outcome rather than any user input. Therefore, slot games are not gamified.

Gamification in Slots

Fluffy Favourites is one of the most popular slots in the world. It features a unique theme, outstanding bonuses, and so much more!

Fluffy Favourites Slot is one of the most intensely gamified new casino slot games on the web, which has made it so successful. Why? You can see how effective Gamification is by looking at the Teddy Picker Toy Box, a game mechanic that demonstrates Gamification in its best light!

Gamification in this form allows players to explore smaller ‘games within games.’ Think back to the last time you played a game on top of a top console. This is a trope consistently employed by companies such as Ubisoft and other industry leaders. With these ideas, slot games have become more fun than ever before!

The Rise of Gamified Slots

Many online casino gamers still enjoy the classic form of slot games and enjoy spinning the reels to see if luck is on their side. That is why gamified slots are gaining popularity. Several of those rated as the best online slots offer some gamification elements or are fully gamified while maintaining the classic slot experience.

Rick and Morty: Wubba Lubba Dub Dub, considered one of the best-branded slots, is a clear example of a slot that draws on the visuals, audio, and immersion of a video game. In addition to featuring animated clips, portal graphics, minigames, and adventures within the slot, the slot fully utilizes its sci-fi license.

One of the most gamified slots that can compete with the best is based on an arcade game itself. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior takes full advantage of the modern craze of gamified products. After selecting your character, you travel around the world fighting other characters. The slot pays out as you fight, making your wild meter swell for massive attacks.

As the modern definition demands, slot games are not gamified in their basic form. Despite this, video games like Street Fighter II are increasingly incorporating video game elements into online slots to make them even more entertaining.

Gamification in Video Poker

In online casino games, video poker is one of the fastest-growing segments. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the industry is embracing Gamification.

The rise of Gamification is perhaps best suited to video poker games. They can implement gamified elements better than more basic options because of their unique, high-tech setup.

As a result, it can be said that online slots games that use Gamification are top-rated at the moment. Video poker is also learning from this success to blaze its own trail in the world of gamified casino titles. It’s been an exciting time for gamers!

Virtual Reality

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Since the invention of 3D glasses, many people have anticipated the advent of virtual reality for decades. This type of casino gamification is quite simple: it makes you feel like you are actually playing the game.

Virtual reality will allow you to explore the fantasy worlds of different slot machines and play Live Blackjack as if it were really happening. The best gamification casinos provide their players with an immersive and interactive experience through superior technology and virtual reality.

Virtual reality slots include Gonzo’s Quest and Thunderstruck II VR at casinos. At Videoslots, you can play Jack & the Beanstalk as well as Miss Midas VR. Games and bonuses at VideoSlots casino are some of our top recommendations for gamification casinos.

While virtual reality technology has not yet reached its peak, we predict that it will continue to revolutionize this industry. Be sure to read our in-depth guide to the best virtual reality casinos, the most notable of all being SlotsMillion. There, you can familiarise yourself with the equipment necessary to enjoy the best gamification casino VR experience fully.

Casino Gamification Features Outside the UK

UKGC no longer licenses casinos that use video game features to induce players to gamble due to recent legislation changes. In other words, the best gamification casinos for UK players cannot offer the same features they once offered. Some examples are adventures, virtual currencies, and RPG slots.

However, the European Union has provided European users with a broader range of casino gamification features in Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Rizk is one example of a casino that offers Rizk Race (a kind of tournament) only to non-UK players.

Missions and adventures

Online casinos prioritized creativity and inventiveness when designing quests and missions for their players. Missions create a sense of accomplishment, whether spinning the slots or playing at the table.

As if you were playing a video game. Level up while making decisions and battling bosses to advance through a story. These adventures take place on alien planets, jungles, medieval castles, and more. Of course, you are always finding chances to win real money as you go.

But this is when the line between fun, harmless video games and potentially addictive casino games becomes blurred. The UKGC denied gambling licenses for gamification casinos because of these achievement-oriented missions.

A few non-UK best gamification casinos offer adventures and missions, even if they are less common today. Kaboo, a gamification casino offering sci-fi quests and large potential payouts, is an excellent example. You can also play at Casino Heroes, which has three adventure-filled islands with unique missions and final bosses to explore.

Virtual Currencies

In some gamification casinos, exclusive real-money bonuses can be bought only through custom-developed currencies. There are many options available to you for exchanging this currency: free spins, faster payouts, special in-game features, or even real-world casino merchandise.

RPG Slots

Casinos that have embraced Gamification incorporate slot machines that are similar to role-playing games (RPGs). First, Evoplay Entertainment created a slot called Dungeon, Immortal Evil, with the release of this game.

A quest for glory and riches is the hero’s goal in this game. Combined with the above-mentioned “missions,” this recreates the feeling of playing video games while still spinning the standard reels of slot machines.

Gamification Casinos: How Do They Affect Your Gambling?

Despite the perception that video games are skill-based and gambling is luck-based, Gamification blurs the lines between the two. The vast majority of gambling wins are based on random chance.

Gamification in casinos makes players think there is a connection between their actions and subsequent wins. As a result of collectibles and power-ups, our brains are triggered to reward us for a successful run. To keep us spinning the reels for ever-bigger jackpots, developers add scatters, multipliers, and wilds.

Slot gamification features, such as minigames, make the punter feel as if they have won the game. The truth is that they haven’t – it’s all just random chance.

Also, gamification casinos feign progress. The player believes that they are leveling up and progressing toward some pot of gold at the end of the road.

Gambling online isn’t like a marathon with a clearly defined beginning and end. A treadmill makes players run in a loop, eventually deciding whether to stop. Nevertheless, the best gamification casinos do take measures to ensure a healthy gambling environment without leading to their players being addicted.

Taking control

Gamification, put simply, gives players control over the game. Players can never control gambling. Ultimately, the outcome of the wager is determined by luck and chance. The balance of power shifts almost instantly when Gamification is part of a casino. Players can actually be rewarded for their skills. Players can improve their skills and become better at everything. The moment skill is introduced into gambling; it ceases to be just gambling. It replaces lack of control with danger tinged with control.

Maps and a sense of journey

As one passes through a stage, one is also experiencing a host of other feelings. Suppose a player feels as though the stage can get better, for instance, if the present stage is challenging. To enhance the player’s sense of control, taking them on a psychological and virtual journey is going to be beneficial. Adventure is something we all love. People love the sense of discovery and wonder. With some gamification features, the game would bring all these elements to the table.

Positive reinforcement

Gamers are more likely to keep coming back when they are rewarded for finishing tasks and levels. The rewards in the form of extra spins, leveling up, bragging rights, and many other things that gamified casino games offer are likely to motivate players to keep playing.

At the end of the day, whether slot games or casinos are gamified or not, online gambling remains a game of chance.

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